Bail Applications Perth

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Bail conditions can make life very difficult to manage whilst progressing through a criminal matter.

We assist with:

  • Bail at first appearances;
  • Variation of bail;
  • Seeking to reapply after bail refused;
  • Applying to the Supreme Court on appeal bail applications;
  • Certain circumstances when bail has been refused in the Magistrates Court we can further argue bail for you in the Supreme Court;
  • Appealing other bail decisions to the Supreme Court.

Shadgett Legal knows all considerations that must be addressed to be successful. Mr Steven Shadgett has even given presentations on the topic to lawyers as part of lawyers professional development.

For straight forward, no nonsense advise on any bail matter please pop in and we will do our best to achieve a positive outcome for you. One thing Shadgett Legal will not do is sugar coat bail matters when there is no likelihood of bail being granted.

If you are looking for a bail applications lawyer in Perth, then see how we can help you by getting in touch with us today.