Assault Charges Perth

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Whether representing you at trial or making a plea in mitigation when you have pleaded guilty – Shadgett Legal are very experienced in the issues, defences and all matters relating to assault charge offences in Perth. We can also give you advice on the prosecutions case, or negotiate with the prosecution in an effort to downgrade or dismiss the charges before pleading guilty or not guilty.

We specialise in all assault offences:

  • common assault;
  • common assault in circumstances of aggravation;
  • assault occasioning bodily harm (AOBH);
  • grievous bodily harm (GBH);
  • acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm;
  • wounding;
  • wounding in circumstances of aggravation.

If you are looking for an assault charges lawyer in Perth, then see how we can help you by getting in touch with us today.