Case Result Feb 2018 Client charged with deprivation of liberty and acts intended to endanger the life, safety and health of another charges - after negotiations with the prosecution the charges withdrawn and client released from prison immediately

1 December 2017 Client - prior to Shadgett Legal involvement - bail refused on possess drug with intent to sell/supply

Home detention bail application granted

November 2017 Client acquitted of aggravated burglary after trial in Perth district court

8/1/18 After negotiations with police prosecuting - police withdrew:

  1. Common assualt
  2. Re enter licensed premises
  3. Remain in vicinity of licensed premises

8/1/18 Client granted spent conviction order for disorderly conduct offence

11/1/18 Client acquitted after trial in the Perth District Court of:

  1. going armed to cause fear; and
  2. Doing an act intended to to cause bodily harm

6/12/17 Client charged with possessing 5kg of methylamphetamine with intent to sell or supply acquitted

17/11/17 client charged with no authority to drive acquitted after trial

12/11/17 client charged with assualt occasioning bodily harm acquitted after trial on the basis he was provoked

3/11/17 client charged with possessing 6gm of methlyamphetamine with intent to sell or supply - hung jury - prosecution then withdrew the charges

1/10/12 civil matter - our client successfully sued a friend for return of $9000 worth of firearms that he had loaned to his friend - the court granted our case for return of the property

Bail Application | Assault & Burglary – August, 2012

Bail application in the Perth Magistrates Court refused - Application taken to the Supreme Court & granted. Client permitted to return home to New South Wales. Assault occasioning bodily harm discontinued following discussion with the prosecution. Aggravated burglary (strictly indictable) - ought to have know someone home - charge discontinued.
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Drug & Assault Charges – July, 2012

Sold prohibited drug - charge withdrawn through successful submissions to police. Assault occasioning bodily harm (AOBH) - client acquitted and costs award granted. 3 charges of indecent assault in Merredin Magistrates Court - Client acquitted and cost award granted. Disorderly conduct - Plea in mitigation - spent conviction order granted.
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Reckless Driving | Restraining Order – June, 2012

Reckless driving charge - client acquitted. Aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm, damage, threats to injure from the Tom Price Magistrates Court - client acquitted and cost award granted. Client Applicant in a violence restraining order - matter successfully negotiated to settlement and an undertaking. Client Respondent in violence restraining order - successfully negotiated to settlement…
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Stealing Motor Vehicle | Dangerous Driving – May, 2012

Steal motor vehicle charge withdrawn through successful negotiation (Joondalup Magistrates Court matter) - Cost award granted. Unlawful wounding - plea in mitigation - client receives suspended sentence. Aggravated robbery trial in the Perth District Court - client acquitted. Point firearm charge - withdrawn after negotiation with police - cost award granted. Carry firearm while intoxicated…
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Perth Criminal Law Chambers – Shadgett Legal

Shadgett Legal are proudly expanding and along with Terry Dobson Legal and Gabrielle Clarke Legal, we can now be found at the Perth Criminal Law Chambers. We are still situated in the Kings Office Complex, but have moved to a bigger and brighter office and have more support staff to assist you with your legal…
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Manufacture | Supply Methylamphetamine Charge Withdrawn – April, 2012

Meekatharra charge of assault public officer negotiated down to obstruct public officer. Client has attempt to manufacture methylamphetamine indictable charge withdrawn due to successful submissions to the prosecution. At hearing, our client the Respondent in a violence retraining order has the application against them dismissed. Client receives spent conviction for supply methylamphetamine charge. Stealing as…
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Perth Children’s’ Court Assault Charge – April, 2012

Perth Children's' Court client acquitted of assault charge. Further acquitted on steal motor vehicle and dangerous driving offences. Assault Public Officer charge withdrawn before hearing on matter in Fremantle Court. Geraldton Magistrates Court assault charge dismissed Fremantle Prosecution - Client sees speeding charge negotiated down from 78km/h in a 60km/h zone to 68km/h in a…
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